Dabengwa embarks on a door to door campaign

ZAPU president has revived his door o door meet the people campaign as the party drums up support for the coming elections later this year.

Reminiscentof the 2015 edition where ZAPU took part in by elections in Bulawayo, Dabengwa spent the day on Friday 27 April in Nketha Mganwini constituency where he met residents and had one one one engagements.

The weekly outreach exercise was led by the party’s women wing ZAWU with its  provincial leadership in the front. The ZAPU leader was accompanied by members of his national executive who include national spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa, deputy national organizers John Z Dlamini, Ndodana Moyo and Theresia Thaka. The aspiring candidate for the constituency Victor Nhliziyo was part of the outreach delegation.

Dabengwa took time to interact and listen to the people who raised issues that needed attention. Chief among these were service delivery matters, documentation issues and poor and absent representation by elected officials at all governance and decision making levels.

In response, the ZAPU leader urged the people to embrace Devolution of Power, select and vote for locals to represent them, saying absent and non existent representation was as a result of imported and sometimes imposed representatives, a development that is rife in Bulawayo and nationwide, where elite political party leaders have the tendency of impossing their acolytes on the electorate.

He took time to educate the people on the importance of voting for locals, saying it is the only remedy for the current status quo where elected public officials have their allegiance to people outside their constituencies.

President Dabengwa will participate in the outreach exercise countrywide until elections are held.