James Makamba still in the race

Businessman James Makamba is still in the race for Mt Darwin South, despite reports that he has been disqualified.

The Herald managed to catch up with the campaign by all Mount Darwin South aspiring candidates at their joint rally at Nyamahobogo Shopping Centre, which was attended by a sizeable crowd. Makamba was there and he asked the people what they wanted him to do for them, and a clinic was their reply.

ZBC journalist Andrew Neshamba said the area was lagging behind in terms of development.

“There is one training college, Madziwa Teachers College, whose location is not accessible,” he said.

“Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) has entry requirements which are difficult for rural students due to their learning conditions,” he said.

“I want to mobilise resources so that we can have Mt Darwin teachers college and college for agriculture, which can create employment and give an education opportunity to our local children.”
His workmate, Tendai Munengwa, who is also an aspiring candidate for the same constituency, said he was alive to the problems facing the constituency as it was his rural home.

“I know all your problems and at one time I stood by you so that you didn’t pay $50 fireguard levy back in the days,” he said.

“Our clinic has no medical kits for malaria and villagers are only given mosquito nets. There is no water at the clinic, while waiting pregnant mothers fetch water from far away,” he said.

“I managed to sink a borehole at Machingura Village and I want to sink a borehole at the clinic. I will also bring electricity to Nyamahobogo Shopping Centre and champion Command Livestock.”

Youth national political commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu urged the electorate to vote for him on Sunday, saying he was not new in the party.