Pastor Chimbetete worships through music

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Pastor Chimbetete worships through music

GOSPEL musician Pastor Richard Chimbetete claims he chose worship music over other Christian genres because he wants his music to speak to souls.

The musician, who hails from Nyanga and made a mark a couple of years ago with touching track “Ndidziurirei”, released his seventh album early this year.

Songs from all his albums are worship tracks that are spiritually-uplifting. In 2015, he collaborated with another avid worshipper Takesure Zamar Ncube on one of his tracks to enhance the worship effect of the music. His 2018 album is titled “Simply Worship” and songs from the latest release are becoming popular at church gatherings where he usually performs with his group D28 (derived from Deutronomy28).

The group’s “Worship Experiences” concerts that are held every month have attracted many individuals to deep worshipping experiences.

“Some individuals prefer fast-beat gospel music, which makes them jump and dance. It is good music because it makes good entertainment in church. However, I believe I was not called for that type of music. I feel satisfied when I do worship songs, ” said Pastor Chimbetete.

“I can dance to fast music in church or at a gospel concert, but when I go on stage I feel inspired to touch souls through worship songs.

“We see individuals kneeling in prayer and shedding tears at our Worship Experiences events. It makes me feel the deep presence of God because I will not be singing to ears. I will be singing to souls. Worship music is good food for any Christian’s soul. ”

His previous albums are “Your Presence”, “Patsoka Dzenyu”, “Faithful” “One More Move”, “Munouya” and “Believe”.

Chimbetete said he started singing professionally in 1998 when he was part of a worship team from PAOZ Upper Room Ministries. They later recorded album titled “Remember Me” as a church group before Chimbetete and others decided to get started on a brand new team of worshippers. The particular decision brought birth in order to D28, which has gifted vocalists.

“To have a lot more means of spreading music, I actually commenced a music business called D28 Music that will is found in Avondale, Harare. We provide music options to churches through PENNSYLVANIA systems, both sales plus hire, and music device training. ”

Chimbetete really does almost all of his music function with his wife Chenai.

“She has been the pillar of strength plus she works hard in order that we spread the term by means of music together, ” mentioned Chimbetete.