2018 My Own Boss show roars into life

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2018 My Own Boss show roars into life

My Own Boss is an experiential learning reality television show whose main objective is to develop the entrepreneurial skills of young people on the African Continent. The show is a stepping stone for many youths who are coming out of universities and those graduating from high school. The platform serves as a nurture ground where one will learn the art of doing business. During the course of the season selected contestants are given different business tasks under the guidance of a seasoned entrepreneur over a period of 13 weeks. Past anchors of My Own Boss include award winning businessman Mr. Nigel Chanakira. This season of My Own Boss the Anchor is Mr. Samuelle Dimairho .

When carrying out the various business tasks, the contestants will be divided into two teams to encourage team work with each team choosing a project manager who will oversee the team’s project execution. The anchor will meet the contestants of MOB Season VI once a week in the boardroom. During the boardroom sessions, the head anchor will hand out a business task to the contestants. The contestants will have one week to execute the task and report back in the next boardroom session. Each task will have a certain criteria for assessing the teams’ and individuals’ performances. During the task report back and assessment sessions at least one contestant from the team that comes out second best in executing the task will be evicted from the show. The boardroom sessions will also be an opportunity for the anchor to mentor the contestants and impart business lessons to the contestants.

This process will be repeated until the semi-final stage. The semi-final stage will see the remaining contestants presenting their business plans to a panel of selected business people. The panel will choose the 2 contestants with the most promising business idea and sound business plan. The selected 2 will move to the grand finale while the other contestants will be eliminated. The grand finale will see the 2 finalists getting a 150 seconds opportunity to pitch their proposed business to a panel of judges. The judges will recommend the overall winner of My Own Boss Season VI to the Anchor. My Own Boss Season VI winner will get a package that includes 10 000.00 to help them start their own business.

This season’s anchor is a passionate youth development enthusiast. Mr Samuelle Dimairho is one young man who is doing wonders in the business community of Zimbabwe.His academic and business success is out there for everyone to see. Many of the companies that he co-founded are doing very well in Zimbabwe.This track record of successes and achievement will help the winner of this year’s season a good entrepreneur. Mr Dimairho started his career at the age of 15 and has never looked back since then He dropped out of high school at the age of 17years old to pursue an idea of automating the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange whilst pursuing a chartered accountancy professional qualification on a self-teaching part time basis. His vision was to improve the transparency, accessibility and convenience of trading on the stock exchange through electronic technologies and innovations. This led him to co-founding Chengetedzai Depository Company Limited, Zimbabwe’s first Central Securities Depository for the capital markets industry with securities deposits that peaked at over USD7.5billion and trade settlement nearing USD3billion since inception. Samuelle also co-founded Aura Group which is in the business of providing ICT Hardware and Software Projects, Management Consulting, Property Investments, Energy Solutions and Strategic Investments across diverse industry verticals. He has been featured in the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 List of 2018 and has been awarded a World Economic Forum Global Shapers Award, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Creative Young Entrepreneur of The Year 2014 and also won the Entrepreneurs Organization Global Student Entrepreneur Award 2014. He has been featured in international media programs from various organizations all over the world for his achievements and inspiration to young people in Africa. In addition, Samuelle is a member of Rotary International and serves as an advisor to the Graduate Development Agency and Young Entrepreneurs Sanctuary Africa for building the soft skills of graduates and mentoring youth. Samuelle taught himself for all his academic qualifications as he furthered education after high school. He holds an ACCA Chartered Certified Accountant qualification, ACCA Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business, and holds a BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting with Oxford Brookes University.