Nelson Chamisa the man with no political party

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Nelson Chamisa the man with no political party

Embattled MDC-Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa is desperate to be able to discover a political home following it emerged that typically the agreement binding the perimeter coalition allows parties to be able to retain their individual details after the polls.

Mister Chamisa voluntarily relinquished typically the leadership of MDC-T, which often he purported to business lead after he withdrew a new court case which he or she sought to bar Doctor Thokozani Khupe from applying the MDC-T moniker.

Since it stands, Dr Khupe is the legitimate MDC-T leader and opposition reporters said Mr Chamisa had been now floating like a new balloon buying a political residence and name.

The circumstance had seen Mr Chamisa failing to rein inside MDC-T secretary-general Mr Douglas Mwonzora, whom he charged of working to weaken the party’s leadership. Mr Chamisa last week convened a purported MDC-T nationwide executive meeting to cost Mr Mwonzora.

Mr Mwonzora yesterday said he has been not charged by anybody or given a deadline day by anyone to answer in order to disciplinary charges.

MDC-T vice president Engineer Elias Mudzuri confirmed that Mr Mwonzora was a free guy facing no disciplinary actions.

Said Mr Mwonzora: “I am not facing any kind of disciplinary action. I possess not been given any deadline day or ultimatum by anybody. ”

Eng Mudzuri backed him saying: “There will be nothing like that.

“I don’t remember seeing this kind of a resolution. Who published him the letter? Dont really think it’s true as well as remember that many fake stories are being prepared these days. ”

Resources in the opposition sectors intimated that Mr Chamisa was failing to pin down Mr Mwonzora because this individual was also facing a legitimacy crisis as MDC-T innovator.

“Remember, he or she is a purported president since the so-called nationwide executive that passed him or her off because the party head was unconstitutional, ” mentioned the source.

“In virtually any case, that wrongly constituted national executive only arranged that Mr Chamisa need to be the party head for your purposes of typically the July 30 election. Since such, he ought to be put through to a congress regarding him to have capabilities to fire members or in order to draw these to a disciplinary hearing.

“However, all that will has been overtaken simply by events. The underlining element now is that this individual is no longer the particular MDC-T leader after this individual withdrew his court situation that sought to pub Dr Khupe from making use of the name MDC-T.

“That drawback included serious legal effects for him because right now he does not possess a political party. He or she is facing a legal lacuna and he is simply floating such as a balloon without the political home.

“Effectively, this individual has no legal capabilities to recall or subject matter anyone to a disciplinary action.

“Even those MPs in Parliament, he offers no powers to remember them since the agreement has been clear that this parties will certainly retain their individual identities. ”

Another source stated: “The alliance was simply an electoral pact plus now parties are reverting back to their initial identities and Chamisa offers nowhere to go. This individual has only two choices. The first is in order to go back to courtroom and seek to overturn the legitimacy of Dr Khupe as the MDC-T president or form the new party completely along with a new name. ”