A bus ride to Masvingo? Separating Fact from Fiction after the election

Home opinion A bus ride to Masvingo? Separating Fact from Fiction after the election
A bus ride to Masvingo? Separating Fact from Fiction after the election

Fact: Nelson Chamisa’s watch is worth more than an entire village’s wages in certain parts of our country

Fiction: The MDC could not afford to send agents to all the polling stations

Fact: Nelson Chamisa lied throughout the campaign about his meetings with “Trump” and promises that never were

Fiction: Nelson Chamisa had the V11 forms which showed the MDC won

I must admit it,  I have struggled to decipher the difference between fact and fiction during this election period.  So much fake new, so many lies.  And I also must admit that on election day when I saw Nelson Chamisa tweeting that he had all the V11 forms showing he had won the election, I thought for a second, maybe this is true.  Maybe the MDC have finally done what all the polls suggested they could not do.

So we waited and waited. Where were these famous V11 forms he promised?  Chamisa had unashamedly announced to the world that he had proof, hard and fast evidence that he had won the election.  Where were the forms?

Well it turns out that the man who cannot afford to send an agent to Masvingo, can afford expensive foreign lawyers and legal fees. Upon the realisation that this primary evidence simply does not exist, he decided to try and buy his way to the top.  The rumours of Grace Mugabe funding the campaign (she did not deny it, and RM even came out and supported him), suggest that all those claims of not being able to afford agents are utter hogwash.

Let’s remember the billboards, the fliers, the promoted content online.  Now the expensive lawyers. Nelson Chamisa could even afford to pop over to Israel for a vacation in the middle of the campaign.  And we all know that any flights out of Zim these days are not cheap! So the claims that the MDC now don’t have the V11 forms because they could not afford agents in each polling station are an excuse, they are a ruse. Nelson has been caught red handed lying again. Because the famous V11 forms which he was reading on the day of the election, those famous forms which allegedly showed victory for the MDC were as a matter of fact, pure and utter fiction.