‘MDC did well, winning 64 MP seats,’ -Cross

Home opinion ‘MDC did well, winning 64 MP seats,’ -Cross
‘MDC did well, winning 64 MP seats,’ -Cross

MDC leaders sold-out during the GNU, if you whole lot had implemented the democratic reforms we would not still be in this mess! Many thinking Zimbabweans have long lost endurance with you MDC market leaders and i also am one of those!

“SOMETIMES in this game, the safest way into the immediate future is to keep your head down and hold out for the dust in order to before looking over the wall to see what has happened. It is impossible to predict what is going to happen over the following few days/weeks here in Zimbabwe and the uncertainties are clouding our vision, ” you say.

So is that what you did throughout the five years of the GNU “keep your brain down and wait for the dust to clear”? Frankly the nation would be far better off if you kept your mouth shut because you are not helping the country move forward.

“It is a pity that this is so because I actually thought we were accomplishing this well in the run up to the polls and then a way in which we handled the elections themselves. Had we continued on that organized, managed path, I think we could have forecasted a good outcome for all of us. Merely so that individuals keep things in perspective let’s bear in mind that the MDC Bijou increased its tally of Members of Parliament by a next to sixty four seats, with one self-employed and one National Devoted Front member and with Zanu-PF being held down to 144 seats — just barely two thirds. Not like the overwhelming the greater part they held before, inches you say.

For Pete’s sake Eddie, these polls were first and main about making sure every Zimbabwean exercised their directly to a meaningful say in the governance of the after all these years of rigged elections.

When MDC leaders were warned once, they were warned 100 000 times and 100 000 times again not to take part in these elections without first implementing the reforms. Sadly the warnings have fallen on deaf ears and intellect atrophied by greed. It is no secret that MDC leaders have been after the few gravy train seats Zanu PF has offered as bait to entice them to contest the elections regardless how flawed and unlawful the process got!

“The worst aspect for me about the failure to agree a coalition was that both MDCs couldn’t now do the clear – withdraw from the (2013) elections, inches admitted Senator Coltart in his recent book.

“The electoral process was so flawed, so illegal, that the sole logical step was to withdraw, which would compel SADC to carry Zanu PF to account. Nevertheless such was the mistrust between the MDC-T and MDC-N that neither could withdraw for fear that one other would remain in the elections, winning car seats and giving the process credibility. ”

Zanu PF was able to succeed the 144 parliamentary car seats because elections were not free, fair and credible. There was no free public media, two to three , 000, 000 Zimbabweans in the diaspora (20% to 30% of the 5 million ballots cast) were denied the vote, ZEC did not produce a verified voters’ spin, etc. Like it or not the nation is stuck with this dodgy and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship for another several more years regardless who win the presidential contest. To you Mr Combination, all these things are water off a duck’s back; all you proper care about is that MDC won 64 of the bait gravy train seats. How typical!