Govt suspends classes at Glen View school

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Govt suspends classes at Glen View school

Authorities has ordered the momentary suspension of lessons at Glen View 5 Main School in Harare to pave way for the provision of enough sterilization facilities. This followed reviews that two pupils experienced died, while over 20 others received treatment for suspected cholera.

A visit by The Herald to the school, which is positioned in the cholera epicentre, showed that the school’s sewer system was in a bad state.

Glen View 5 primary college pupils coming from cholera screening centre in Harare yesterday. (Picture by Harmless Makawa)

By conclusion of day yesterday, the sewer system had not already been attended to. Parents thronged the school yesterday challenging a test of borehole water at the organization.

You will find fears borehole drinking water in Glen View is contaminated.

“They must also test the borehole drinking water, which could be another source of this break out, ” said Mrs Jennifer Karonga, whose two children were complaining of head ache and stomach pains.

“We curently have one person who died of cholera in our street and many others are still obtaining treatment from Nazareth (also known as Beatrice Road Contagious Diseases Hospital BRIDH). We are very worried with their condition, ” said Mrs Karonga.

She said although the school and health authorities had earlier on screened children with thought cholera symptoms, hers were only given oral rehydration solution (ORS) satchets, which they were asked to consider home.

“They were given these satchets to make the rehydration solution from home, but as we speak, all taps are dry. There is no water, ” said Mrs Karonga.

She said no water bowsers have been used in the area. Some other parents who spoke on current condition of anonymity, urged Authorities to ensure provision of safe and enough drinking water.

“All the boreholes that we were relying on have been condemned. The particular taps are dry and we do not have alternative water sources, ” said the residents.

Talking to journalists previously, Wellness and Child Care Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Dr Obadiah Moyo said lessons at Glen See 5 Primary School were suspended to allow repair of proper sanitation facilities and clean water.

“We are determined that we will suspend classes while we bring in freshwater. In case we do not postpone classes, pupils will continue drinking water from the same contaminated wells, rendering it difficult to contain the outbreak, ” Dr Moyo said.