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Chamisa fuelling strife

The night is always darkest before dawn.  The people of Zimbabwe should bear with the Government, that while it is trying to resuscitate the economy that has been battered for 20years fuelled by misrule and misplaced priorities, some misguided politicians are taking the opportunity to throw spanners into government efforts, for their own political mileage.

Zimbabwe went through the worst economic challenge in the period between 2007 to 2008, when she hit rock bottom and inflation spiralled out of control.  What kept Zimbabwe afloat was the fighting spirit for a better tomorrow an ingredient found only in the DNA of Zimbabweans.  The new dispensation has brought in hope, all it requires is for Zimbabweans to cultivate that spirit of hard work and optimism, as it has become necessary that everyone plays their part by contributing positively toward the resuscitation of the country’s economy.

It is very unfortunate however that some political parties would rather watch the people suffer while they push their own agendas.  Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti and their Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC Alliance), are busy fighting against government initiatives to revive the economy, they are busy peddling false information and speculating negatively on price increases, causing panic among the citizenry.  The people of Zimbabwe are known for their brilliant minds and high degree of intelligence and literacy, it is high time they join hands in reprimanding those reprobate politicians who are bent on using the people for their own selfish and personal gains.

The price hikes that are being peddled on social media are meant to drive confusion, panic and to stir up emotions, a situation that will work best for the MDC Alliance’s operation of sending people to the streets.  This would in turn cause mayhem and chaos leading to running battles around the city giving them an opportunity to cry foul to the international community.  Let the people of Zimbabwe refuse to be used as bait.  This is a time to think outside the box, a time to exercise patience like never before, because it might seem like the country is going back to 2007/8; albeit on the contrary, it has taken off to greater heights.  For the system that is put in place by government (Monetary Policy Statement) to work it requires all hands on deck, it also requires people to work in unison with government vision.  What is it that Zimbabweans can do to assist the government achieve its set out goals?  This should be each citizen’s question.

The first thing is to let go of selfish and unpatriotic individuals that are bent on destabilising government efforts, people need to ignore calls by desperate individuals who are seeking to maintain relevance in the political matrix of the nation by causing mayhem.  Next would be to shun buying anything that is not within the stipulated prices.  If all citizens join hands and unite against illegal price increases for just one week, all profiteering retailers would be pushed out of business.  The people should be the ones to determine the prices and not the retailers, demand and supply should be exercised, if people decide not to buy bread because it’s very expensive, then definitely the firms will feel the pinch and revert back to normal pricing.

A consumer is king, that phrase should make sense and should also be put to practice.  People’s demand of goods and services is supposed to determine the prices and not the other way around.  How much would the bread, buns and cake prices be if they are not bought, the price would drop significantly?  Going on the streets will not in any way help government set Zimbabwe on the right trail.  If furniture shops decide to hike their prices due to speculation, then people should just not buy, until all their savings are lost in rentals and other utility bills, if they wish to be in business they will work with the consumers and government by pricing their products rightly.  The people of Zimbabwe should not panic, soon it will be dawn and everything will make sense.

If one listens to Tendai Biti and his dictator boss, Nelson Chamisa, one will definitely be made aware of what exactly they desire.  Chamisa is always claiming that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is not the legitimate leader of this country while declaring that he is the rightful leader.  One wonders how that is supposed to be possible when he lost even in the parliamentary elections by such a huge margin.  The Constitutional Court did rule that he had no basis to claim the Presidency of this country throwing his case out with costs.  It is also a fact that Chamisa and his foot soldier Biti are comfortably housed in the leafy suburbs of Harare with numerous properties doted around this country, to a point where if bread were to be priced at US$5 they would comfortably buy it without wincing.

It then becomes apparent that their mission is not one with the rest of the fellow Zimbabweans but that they are using the people to advance their own agendas.  If they were genuine they would join the government to fight the stubborn retailers who are unjustifiably hiking prices.  The noble thing to do is to subtly discontinue from promoting madness by snubbing these crazy price hikes by just not falling prey and buying the products.  If something has been in the shop shelf for over three months what justifies its triple price increase recently.  People should not be misguided but should be guided accordingly.  The government is not at fault here and as Zimbabweans you would be damned if you let these profiteering individuals lead the country back to 2007/8.

The Monetary Policy Statement is in the best interest of this country; Economists have commented over it, we have the best minds at work to pull this country out of a dark hole.  All they require is the support from the people of Zimbabwe.  This is where patriotism plays a major role; let the country unite against negative politics from the MDC Alliance, opportunists, profiteering companies and negative perceptions.  Let the people of Zimbabwe give the new dispensation a fighting chance. The night is always darkest before dawn.