Bev not getting married yet

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Bev not getting married yet

The image which was circulating on social media of Bev and Bvola doesn’t mean they are getting married, people take pictures all the time but that doesn’t mean they are in a relationship,” said Harpers Bev still has goals to achieve in the entertainment scene and a man at this point could derail them.

There has been talk that the dancer was allegedly married to Kwekwe-bred miner “Boss Agrippa” also known as Boss Bvola.

“I know Boss Bvola as a music promoter, that’s all.

“Bev is not married and she is still very much single, her career as a dancer is still on the rise and she is queen of the dance floor,” said her manager Harpers.

He’s nothing more than that to both Bev and I,” he added.

Keith Mlauzi I’M not up for marriage!